Ops Cast

Ops Cast (After Dark) with Courtney McAra

December 16, 2021 Michael Hartmann, Naomi Liu, Mike Rizzo and guest Courtney McAra Season 1 Episode 40
Ops Cast
Ops Cast (After Dark) with Courtney McAra
Show Notes

In the latest episode of #OpsCastAfterDark, we had an open conversation with Courtney McAra. We talked a little about her path to Marketing Operations and then into consulting. 

We also talked about reaching some milestones with Ops Cast as this is the 40th episode and we recently went over 5,000 downloads.

And, you get a little insight into:

  • Photoshop and HTML hacks
  • The best SDR outreach ever
  • What the connection is between the Backstreet Boys and Naomi

Recorded live.

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