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My Marketing Ops Journey with AJ Navarro

January 25, 2022 Michael Hartmann, Mike Rizzo and guest AJ Navarro Season 1 Episode 44
Ops Cast
My Marketing Ops Journey with AJ Navarro
Show Notes

Our guest in this episode, AJ Navarro, shares his career journey from Sales to Marketing Ops and consulting, including how his experience with producing music taught him about marketing tech. If you've ever wondered what music production has to do with Marketing Ops, or what it's like to work as a consultant - this is the episode for you!

AJ shares his lessons learned, including:

  • How he learned via community and others who shared
  • The value of mentors, including Pete Furseth (check out our episode with Pete)
  • Being curious and relentless to learn

We also touch a little bit on the question of "what is marketing ops?" during our discussion.

Recorded live.

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