Ops Cast

My Marketing Ops Journey with Bethanie Swank

February 01, 2022 Michael Hartmann and Bethanie Swank Season 1 Episode 45
Ops Cast
My Marketing Ops Journey with Bethanie Swank
Show Notes

We continued our series of Marketing Ops Stories with Bethanie Swank. Her story is unique in a couple of ways.

First, she started more as a full-stack marketer, and found that she really enjoyed the technology and process orientation found in Marketing Operations. That led her to several different opportunities to be the "team of one" to do all things MOps. 

She also shares with our audience how she has recently gone through the process internally to "pitch" the need for additional Marketing Ops resources. Although the process of hiring was still ongoing at the time of the recording, she shared some tips for how she built the case.

If you are a team of one - or a leader who wants to build the case for additional headcount - you will want to listen to this episode.

Recorded live January 2022.

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